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Private Hire Package - Special Offer
We are now offering a special private hire package designed to make moving your pets from Spain to the UK, or vice versa, as simple and easy as possible. You can hire us to take care of everything for you - picking you up and dropping you off at your chosen destinations, where you can join your pets for the ride and also enjoy overnight stay in hotel accommodation, all included in one price.

This bespoke service can be arranged to suit your personal needs and travel dates, and the vehicle and transport will be exclusively for you. We will not share the journey with another group or other pets.
  • We will pick you up and drop you off anywhere from UK to Spain or vice versa
  • Hotel stay included
  • Up to two passengers and 3 pets, with luggage
  • All for only £3395 all inclusive
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Fast and safe
pet transport
with our DEFRA approved vehicles
Pet transportation services Spain-UK-Spain-France-Uk
Here at Pets2Us we provide a fully legal pet transportation service, operating between the UK, Spain and France.

Fully authorised and with years of of experience in all forms of driving, from courier services to chauffeurs, delivery driving to international transport, our drivers are sure to treat your most precious cargo with the utmost care and attention.
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Transport from the UK to Spain
Are you moving to Spain and want to bring your furry companions with you in a safe, comfortable and stress-free manner? Perhaps you're moving back to the UK instead?

Either way, Pets2Us can accommodate your needs with a fully custom and catered service, picking you up at your chosen destination and transporting your pets safely and securely across country borders to your new home.

You can even join your pets for the ride, and take advantage of our bespoke service where we will cover everything from accommodation right through to transporting yourself, your pets and optionally even your luggage. Simply get in touch for more details.
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Pet Transport From UK to Sspain
Join your pet for the journey!
Leaving your pet solely in the care of somebody else can often involve a lot of extra overheads, paperwork and hassle. That's why at Pets2Us we also offer a ride-along service, where we will chauffeur both your precious cargo and yourselves to your destination!
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Pet Transport UK
The Transpawter
The Transpawter
After years of transporting pets for different companies, Tito decided to start his own pet transport company. The Transpawter.

He loves taking care of pets and understands a pet's trip can be very stressful for owners and pets. Taking a pet abroad requires professional care, but also a whole lot of loving.

His aim is to make sure your pet relocation will be stress-free for you and your pet. As pet owners, everybody at The Transpawter understands your pet is part of your family. And we will give your pets the same love we give our own pets.
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